The BASIER 2020 Campaignteam


Lucille Young Afat

Chief Operations Officer.
Former Krakti Board Member responsible for chasing optimal A’dam-Paramaribo flight rates with KLM. Engineering Project Management Professional, passionate about art & music


Reshma Kalika

Chief Marketing Officer.
Experienced educator, marketing executive, mother, community- and WATER enthusiast


Jerry Maisenti

Chief Buskondre & Community Organizing Officer.
Construction & Building Manager. Father, positivist and compassionate community connector. Bridge builder.


Delano Felter

Chief Music & Video Production.
Former Motown-signed producer and lead man of KeShaw.


Jerry Macintosh

Senior Creative Strategy Advisor.
Filmmaker, Hospitality expert, leisure industry innovator, pioneer and streetwise interdisciplinary positivist with heartdrive.


Lory Rave

Chief Digital Strategy.
Experienced heart & soul driven tech junky. Allround internet expert, bridge builder en BASIER Web editor.

Jeannice Fairrer Samani

Engineering professor (PhD) for Santa Clara University.
Senior Editor for BASIER Media. Silicon Valley technology leader, academic executive education director and entrepreneur. Community/Economic Developer. Telecommunication Information Technology, and data analytics.

Arthur Goerdajal

Chief Social Media Rally.
Leisure industry entrepreneur, networker & community liaison. Bridge builder with social and communication skills, dealing with difficult groups. Heartdriven     Airplane & Suriname open skies-lower tariffs enthusiast.

Chief Legal Officer (vacancy)


Xavier Sordam

Chief Volunteer Rally

Communication science pioneer at University of Applied Science and Technology. Self empowerment and personal effectiveness skills advocate.

Shaif Basier

Chief Servant & Executive Leader.
Multi-entrepreneur, experienced Banking professional and Media, Banking, Politics, Debate & Science pioneer.

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